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parrots are very intelligent animals
June 05, 2013
 parrots are very intelligent animals. They can be as smart as three year old children. They are the only animals that can talk like people, so they are popular pets right after cats and dogs. There are a lot of funny jokes about parrots. Here are some of them.Blue and Gold Macaws can be found in South America, Central America, and the southern tip of Florida
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Auction : Parrots, cages and more for sale
March 27, 2013
We are moving out and need to start selling these birds :Blue & Gold Macaw PairScarlet Macaw Pair2 Green Wing Macaw FemalesCongo Grey PairTimneh Grey PairGoffin Cockatoo PairGallah Cockatoo PairSI Eclectus MaleDYH Amazon pair ( Female on eggs)  All these birds are raised from home, very tame and comes with hatch certificates, health papers and cages too. Shipping to most destinations is available and birds come with food. Serious contacts only.Email :
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